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Online Ordering - How Everybody Wins

Published on 06 July, 2015

So, how is this a win win situation?

Our customers win because they like the convenience of 24/7 access as well as a long list of options:

  1. Online order processing.
  2. Save a Quote features.
  3. My Product favourites.
  4. Live order status.
  5. Customers see individual pricing and discounts.
  6. Live stock availability.
  7. Credit Account holders can pay off accounts online.

All these features and many more allow our customers a more flexible and informed approach to placing orders. Additionally our website is user friendly for all internet devices including, Desktop PC's, Smartphones and Tablets.

Crestwood wins because the ordering process is automated and therefore we see benefits with increased accuracy, reduced processing time and costs.

We have continued to develop our online portal using customer feedback to add new features and to improve and enhance our customers experience. If you are a customer and have suggestions regarding features you would like to see, then please let us know, we welcome your feedback.

If you are interested in registering for web ordering follow this link